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The offer of laboratory services and specialist parts washing services are directed to companies looking for a reliable partner and support in the process of eliminating particles in components critical to cleanliness, which ultimately determines the quality of the product.

Our ambitions, knowledge and experience gained over the years with our clients allow us to provide services at the highest level of professionalism and partnership.

Control of technical purity according to VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232
The ever-increasing demands on the expected service life of individual components and modules are accompanied by requirements in relation to the technical purity of components and systems. Our laboratory is equipped with professional and industry instruments to analyze and assess the level of cleanliness according to VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232 standards starting from the HYDAC chamber (internal dimensions 650x765x335mm, max. Lifting capacity 45kg, cascade filtration) for pollution extraction ending with gravimetric evaluation and particle detection metallic with a Jomes microscope with polarization of light. You will receive accurate reports with photos and description from the study immediately after completing the test.

Corrosion resistance test in a salt chamber
Immunity tests are carried out in a vertical chamber for corrosion tests, salt spray tests and condensation of the company CO.FO.ME.GRA with a capacity of 448L (internal dimensions 800 x 700 x 800 mm) for accelerated corrosion tests in fogs of solutions. The test allows to determine the corrosion resistance of metals and protective coatings.

The chamber allows to carry out tests in accordance with normalized conditions of humidity, temperature, concentration, brine pH described, among others in standards:

  •     ISO PN-EN 9227
  •     ISO 7253
  •     ISO 11503
  •     ISO 1456
  •     ISO 3231
  •     ISO 3768
  •     ISO 3769
  •     ISO 3770
  •     ISO 4541

Research in the salt chamber can be carried out in three types of salt mists:

  •     neutral salt spray NSS
  •     acid salt spray ASS (for aluminum substrate)
  •     acidic salt fog with the addition of CASS copper ions (nickel-chromium coatings)


GT85 Polska Sp. z o.o. - Laboratory and Chemistry Department

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Research in a climate chamber

We carry out research in a modern Binder climatic chamber with positive, negative temperature, humidity and light radiation, i.e. environmental conditions with precisely defined and time-programmed temperature, humidity and light radiation.

Technical parameters:

  •     The ability to control: temperature, relative humidity of the air and the intensity of UV light
  •     Capacity of the working chamber 228 dm3
  •     Internal dimensions (W x H x D): 735 x 700 x 443 mm
  •     Temperature range (humidity function turned off): -40 ° C to + 180 ° C
  •     Temperature range (humidity function enabled): + 10 ° C to + 95 ° C
  •     Temperature range (UV function activated): from -30 ° C to + 95 ° C
  •     Relative humidity range: from 10% to 98% RH
  •     Heating speed up to 5.0 ° C / min, measured in accordance with IEC 60068-3-5
  •     Cooling speed up to 5.0 ° C / min, measured in accordance with IEC 60068-3-5

Specialist cleaning and degreasing of parts

As a company with 19 years of experience in providing solutions for cleaning and cleaning technology as well as surface preparation, we offer washing and degreasing services for parts manufactured by you. The whole process will be tailored to your requirements, we will advise you, and what's more important we will meet the requirements and quality standards that will be presented to us.

We are a recognized producer of washing equipment - parts are washed in devices of our TARRA brand, which receive the highest awards in the industry - Gold Medal ITM 2016 / Gold Medal TOOLEX 2017.

By entrusting us with the processes of cleaning and degreasing of parts, the producers obtain measurable benefits in the form of:

  •     ensuring compliance with quality and cleanliness standards through constant supervision over the process entrusted to us
  •     the ability to test the purity of parts according to VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232
  •     reducing the costs of training and employment of personnel involved in the washing processes,
  •     reduction of investment costs and maintenance of washing equipment
  •     maintaining the continuity of own production
  •     saving time by focusing on your core business
  •     short implementation time of the process

We invite you to submit queries both large processing companies and small-lot producers.

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