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GT85 – a conscious approach to quality.

Quality is the crucial factor providing success in the sector that we represent. Our aim is to organize the quality policy and methods of maintaining the quality of our products so that the cooperation with our Clients would not limit to one-time product delivery but would result in continuous business partnership. 

By consistently high quality of our services we strive to make our brand a mark of experience and trust as well as professional support at every step of our operations.  

The quality policy is enforced by:

Identifying and understanding our Clients’ needs – we maintain regular contacts with our Clients by comprehending their needs, wishes and feedback.

Being a part of our Client’s success - therefore we continue to expand our offer.

Building customers' trust for our organisation - hence we perform the obligations we assume.    

Standing by at all times to effectively support our customers - for this to happen, we continuously improve ourselves and our organisation.

Systematic improvement of environmental operations and reduction of environmental impact. We are trying to use energy resources, knowledge and technology reasonably.

Sustainable waste management - we ensure proper segregation of waste and their release for reuse or disposal in accordance with environmental protection laws.

Manufacturing and using the products as required by environmental protection laws - we consider the environmental and human safety already at the product design stage.

We declare our full commitment to the corporate management system in line with the development and performance of our Quality Management System, based on PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2009. We guarantee that the Quality and Environment Management Policy has been understood, implemented and fully supported by the company personnel, as well as publicly transmitted and distributed to all our suppliers and contractors


The Quality and Environment Management Policy is maintained by periodic audits of performance and effectiveness of our entire Integrated Management System, and above all, by the understanding of our quality goals by each and every employee, as well as continuous efforts for self-improvement, improvement of work methods, and improvement of the entire QMS.



GT 85 Polska Sp. z o.o. holds the patent for a cleaning agent of proper clarity which allows greater effectiveness of cleaning in ultrasonic cleaners with reduced chemistry and power consumption. This results in economy of even several dozen per cent of costs as well as environmental benefits.

Patent no: P.388192


GT 85 Polska Sp. z.o.o. holds the patent for innovative rotary action of the basket during cleaning in ultrasonic cleaners.

Properly programmed basket action in ultrasonic cleaners and its impact on cavity and cleaning effectiveness improvement

Odpowiednio zaprogramowany ruch kosza w myjni ultradźwiękowej oraz jego wpływ na zwiększenie kawitacji i poprawienie efektów mycia.

Speed and accuracy of cleaning as well as chemistry and power costs reduction.

Patent no: P.388193