GT85 changes to NOYEN 24 Jan 2019

By appreciating our professionalism, high quality of products and services, you decided to make GT85 Polska your business partner and we could not be more honoured. Your trust helped us not only become the leader in the category of industrial chemistry and cleaning equipment in Poland, but also expand into foreign markets. For that we are incredibly grateful!


Rapid development of the company was the reason of aligning our brands – Roklin and Tarra – under new, joint name: NOYEN. Transformation of company image, name and logo is a consequence of the new strategy, which has been implemented for a while now. Until now, we already managed to implement lean management, project management and improve production process planning. Our goal is to constantly strive for perfection.


What does change of our name to NOYEN mean for our customers?

Change of name and image of our company is a positive step into the future, bringing us closer to world standards and up-to-date image. We are changing our name 20 years after the establishment of GT85 Polska, which began its activity as a lubricant distributor. Look how much we’ve grown since then and how much more is there to achieve in the future!

During the first half of 2019, both old and new names of the company will remain in use. It will be the time of gentle implementation of our changes, which are going to affect the entire documentation. We will ensure that the implementation process will be as convenient as possible and that it will not generate additional, redundant work. 

Our plans do not include selling the company or transferring our registered office, whole company’s capital remains Polish as well.  The change will not result in any alterations of the management board structure. 

Only the name and logo of the company, as well as e-mail addresses of our employees, are subject to changes – from now on, we are going to use instead of All e-mails sent to old e-mail addresses will still manage to reach us, maintaining smooth communication.

We have also changed our address of correspondence, which at the same time is going to become a new place of meetings and conferences. However, both addresses are going to function until the end of the year in order to make the change even more convenient for our clients. As a reminder, our previous address was Tokarska 9B, 20-210 Lublin, however we encourage you to write down and remember our new address: Braci Krausse 6, 20-270 Lublin.

Names and indices of our products will be changed along with the name of the company. Both chemicals and the equipment will have the same symbols, but they are going to receive new prefixes, e.g. NOYEN PAL or NOYEN Compact 100.

Soon you will be able to find our offer, service and products description, along with all information regarding the company, under a new name on our joint website When it’s ready, you will be the first to find out!


Changing the name to NOYEN is a final touch to our development and it is supposed to highlight our priorities – modernity and constant improvement of our services. We already managed to become the leader in our industry. Although that applies to the Polish market, our aim is to make our company recognizable on foreign markets as well. We hope that the new name will help us reach this goal.

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