GT85 Polska is a partner of the Auto Event 2018 11 Jun 2018

Industry conference "AutoEvent" is organized by the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry continuously since 2005. The participants of this largest annual meeting are representatives of companies supplying parts and components for the production of new cars (the so-called. First assembly), the Tier1, Tier2, TIER3 and OEMs. Among the participants there are also companies involved in the production / supply of materials and fabrications, machines, devices, tools, robots, automation and software for industry.

GT85 Polska has become an industry partner of the event.

During the conference, our friend Grzegorz Sirko will present a lecture entitled "Parts cleaning in production as a key process of final quality - good technology selection practices". We will also provide our stand GT85 Polska, where our team will be happy to advise the appropriate technology solutions for cleaning and degreasing parts in production, chemistry or the possibility of cooperation with our research and development laboratory.

Information about the conference is available on the website.

See you on AutoEvenT!

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