Career in GT85 Polska

We offer our employees opportunities to develop, exchange opinions and present their unique and innovative solutions.

We value our employees’ views and thus we are constantly improving  work organisation and management tools. We expect our staff to have personal traits allowing them to work in a team, exhibit commitment, openness to the Clients’ needs as well as innovative outlook on the usual ways of  company functioning. We believe that professional knowledge and characteristics such as economy, trust and honesty are the rudiments for career development of every employee.

We appreciate commitment since we believe that attainment of our common goals should be rewarded. If you help us achieve our goals, we will reward you for this. All employees participate in developing and attaining our company’s goals and thus have influence on the achieved results. 

Work in GT85 Polska.

We invite to GT85 Polska – find out about the current Job Offers and if you have found something interesting, send your CV as overall applications.   

We guarantee the highest quality and confidentiality of recruitment processes performed in GT85. We apply identical recruitment standards to all candidates. Recruitment process in GT85 always involves  several stages encompassing varied recruitment tools (namely skills tests, job interview) aimed at employing the best available applicants.

The most promising candidates are invited to a job interview which lasts from 30 to 60 min. Candidates are also interviewed by their future intermediate supervisors. You may be asked to participate in more than one interviews. Selected candidate is offered a job in GT85.

Internship Programme 

Our internship program is addressed to people interested in complementing their academic knowledge with real professional experience. We believe that potential and practice is more than just marks in the index book. If you are a student and you want to make use of your academic knowledge in solving real problems in industrial environment. Challenge yourself and gain new skills. 


We cooperate with Lublin research centres such as Lublin University of Technology and  Faculty of Chemistry at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. So far our cooperation has resulted in several interesting master’s theses. We welcome trainees and apprentices.

During the internship we want to prepare you for independent work and increase your  future chances of employment  in  the posts that internship encompass. Thus, during the internship you will get to know our company, methods of work, assigning tasks and procedures thoroughly. You will not be just an assistant but you will be assigned with some individual tasks.  Your internship supervisor will help you complete the tasks.

The program of your internship depends to a great extent on the department you choose. Trainees work under the watchful eye of the internship supervisors with whom they negotiate the details of the program (types of tasks and schedule).

What seems crucial is that regardless of what department you choose, you can count on active participation in daily tasks of your department, completion of individual tasks and work at hand of our specialists.

Placement in GT85 Polska

If you are interested in gaining first professional experiences and practical skills, if you want to enter the labour market with some professional achievements and you are ready to take part in a placement that lasts longer than 3 months (also placement financed by Employment Offices) find out about the specificity of our company and choose offer that suits you best or just send us your CV.

We offer graduates of technical faculties opportunity to gain practical knowledge in designing and constructing machines, industrial automation, machining or prefabricating control cabinets.

Chemists have the chance to explore the knowledge of chemical safety, REACH requirements in practice, methods of surface cleaning as well as phenomena undergoing in the process of ultrasonic washing. 

We offer other candidates with opportunities of development in the field of marketing, sales, accountancy, HR or administration. 


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