About us

GT85 - A trusted source of comprehensive solutions for industry

We develop and produce industrial machines for various branches of industry. We specialise in technology of industrial cleaning and chemical preparations for cleaning. We provide solutions of industrial spray and ultrasonic cleaning as well as fully automated machines of  such leading brands  as TARRA Compact, TARRA Ultra and TARRA Expert.

The cleaning processes are enhanced by our chemical preparations ROKLIN and RUSTER which specially intended for industrial cleaning. Our chemical production encompasses agents for cleaning, degreasing, descaling, removing rust and  metal conversion coating pre-treatment.    Our products are successfully used in electro-technical, mechanical, precision, extractive and many other industries. 


Our longstanding experience enables us to provide production businesses with custom-made solutions and technologies dedicated for certain types of production processes where machines and industrial devices from TARRA Expert, TARRA Metrics and TARRA Robotics serieses perform outstandingly well.   


Our aim is to provide products, solutions and standards of the highest quality. Thanks to continuous self-improvement and delivery of highest quality standards we are successful at gaining complete satisfaction and trust of our Clients. 

Tarra Tarra Tarra Tarra


People - Our most valuable asset!

Our aim is to increase value and contribute to our Clients’ success.

We realise that qualified employees are a crucial condition for high quality. Our company provides the staff with open and interesting working environment which enables them to develop their potential. Our company  has been expanding and achieving numerous successes so that our employees could  enhance their skills.

Thus, we offer  systematic  training courses which are aimed at developing our employees’ skills and qualifications.

This approach to our workforce results in an outstanding position of our company in the market as well as provision of high quality services. 

This approach to our team directly results in our company’s strong position in the market and high quality services that  we provide. We all strive to create a friendly atmosphere both inside and outside our company as we cooperate to build a successful image of our organization.

Find out about the current job offers in our company or opportunities for students: Internship, Placement.  


President of the Board

President creates and shapes the strategy of the company. He supervises finances and relations with our key Clients. Privately he is a travel enthusiast. 


He is responsible for the entire sales - starting from setting plans and aims to their successful attainment- as well as for serving our key Clients. Privately he is an endurance sport enthusiast.


He is responsible for customer service in terms of the right choice of cleaning technology and chemical products. He is a keen supporter of all forms of active leisure.  


Rafał is responsible for all issues related to technical aspects of projects for key clients, creating new offers and contracts.


Grzegorz is responsible for all aspects of promotion, marketing and image of the company. A great enthusiast of his job. Privately a fan of Formula 1 and water sports.